1 Fitted Face Mask

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1 Fitted Face Mask

This listing is for ONE mask. If you can afford to purchase these masks at $9.99 each, we encourage you to do so. Funds from this and other purchases help provide the funds we need to make and send more masks out. This is a donation.

The prices of these extra masks are very affordable in comparison to the $14.99 + shipping pricing of masks found else where. Shipping for all masks are free.

These are not medical grade masks. These are handmade, cloth, face covers. This hand crafted cotton face mask comes in an assortment of fabric designs and colors. They are reusable & washable. Due to shortages, your mask may or may not arrive with elastic.

Each face mask is made in 2 layers. The outside layer is made using 100% cotton team fabric, and is lined with a poly-cotton blend fabric layer in an assortment of fabric designs and colors. Fits most face sizes.

Due to the national mask shortage, we understand how important these items are and have been working around the clock to get these masks out the door. All masks are HANDMADE. Because of the intimate nature of these items, we cannot accept returns due to health/hygiene reasons.

These masks are only available to ship within the USA. No refunds, returns or exchanges. This is a donation to help us ship more masks out. Thank you!


13 reviews for 1 Fitted Face Mask

  1. Laurel Argilan

    I don’t know what to review before I have received the products. So I guess I’ll say I love the look of the masks from the pictures shown. I I’m in love with the company relying on Jehovah so as to share with the prevention of the virus that there mask may bring. Thank you 😊 I just wish that I did better in sewing class. 🙃

  2. Amanda H Key

    A loving provision to provide masks to the friends.

  3. Gloria

    Thank you sooo much! 💕

  4. Lila Avie

    Thank you for your love and care for all the brotherhood. Agape love ❤️

  5. Andrhea Barajas

    Haven’t received them yet such a sweet and kind Christian love in action thank you I can’t wait to receive them!

  6. Judith Camacho

    What a wonderful and caring thing to do. Thank you so much. I haven’t received them yet.

  7. Marjorie Blazek

    I haven’t received the masks but they look of the masks in the pictures.

  8. Diane Santa Cruz

    The fact that these loving sisters are providing these 2 masks free. Says a lot about the LOVE they have for our brotherhood. Thank you for your loving gesture to us all. Everyone keep safe and the masks look well made. Reviewing before I receive. But by pictures. They look great 👍🏼

  9. Mary Jane Brumfield

    Thank you Friends for your loving provision. You did not have to but your love for your brothers and sisters impelled you to do this. Thanks again.

    I did order 4 extra ones for brothers. I noticed that it did not give me the option to choose what color. I’ll see when i get I get them. 🤓🙏🏼

    Mary Jane

  10. Cynthia Gallegos

    This shows such love to us, your brothers and sisters. May Jehovah continue to bless every effort you make to keep us safe and healthy.

  11. Machelle Williams (verified owner)

    Thank you!

  12. Norma Guzmán

    Thank you brothers and sisters for this lovable provision.

  13. Adria (verified owner)

    I just received my masks. Thank you so much for the brotherly love you friends are showing. May Jehovah continue to bless your efforts.

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